Consider These Factors Before Buying 3D Printing Pens


With constantly evolving technology, the world has moved to 3D technology. 3D technology is being used in many sectors to ease the life of human beings. 3D printing technology is now one of the vast fields of 3D technology and it has now evolved printing pen 3D into the limelight.

Whether you’re looking for a gift for a loved one or a platform to express yourself through art, a 3D Pen provides a more user-friendly and modern experience which offers almost the same benefits as a 3D Printer, with greater levels of creativity and the added benefit of fitting into the palm of your hands.

With a 3D printing pen, you can draw or doodle your own designs in 3D according to your imagination.

3d pens drawing3d pens drawing

This is achieved with the help of different types of plastics, which are excreted by the nozzle of the pen in a melted state through heating.This melting process allows the users to create a variety of 3D designs with the stroke of their hand. 

4 Things To Consider Before Buying 3D Printing Pens:

  • Ensure greater surface compatibility:

  • A 3D Print Pen should be compatible with any surface in order to fulfill the needs of the user. The surface compatibility depends on the types of filament you are using. Therefore, it is important to know the types of plastic filaments available before making a purchase decision.

    PLA Filament — also known as Polylactic filament. It is the most popular filaments for 3d pen. It is biodegradable thermo-plastic and non-toxic, made from renewable resources such as sugarcane, corn starch, or soybean. It is the most friendly environmental filament for 3D print pens and when it burns, it emits a sweet smell. It can be used on clothes, cardboard, metals, and glass.

    ABS Filament — also known as Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene filament. It is also a popular and user-friendly filament for 3D print pens. It is an oil-based thermoplastic and when it burns it lets off the chemical odor of burning plastic. Unlike PLA, it is recyclable and not environmentally-friendly. Therefore, it is recommended to use it in a ventilated room. It can be used in the making of stand-alone sculptures or ornaments.

  • Sensors & display:

  • Information is important when dealing with powerful technology. It also aids you in safely using the equipment and getting the most out of your device. Your 3D printing pen should also have a monitor and sensors that show you atleast the temperature of the plastics being heated-up.

  • Appropriate ventilation to prevent overheating:

  • Cooling is an essential factor to any 3D Pen due to the temperatures at play. Every 3D Print Pen has different temperatures because of the plastic filament used in the 3D Pen as each filament is chemically different from another but the need for emphasis on ventilation stays the same.

    Handling a 3D pen continuously for longer periods can be injurious if no proper system of ventilation is provided. When checking out a 3D pen you’re interested in buying, make sure to check if it has proper air vents or some other method of cooling the device.

  • Size and features

    As the pen will be used extensively, it is recommended to find a comfortable fit. 3D pens come in various sizes and shapes, with different features to facilitate their use.

    It is necessary to keep in mind who you’re buying it for. If it is for kids, then the weight of the pen should be lighter and easy to carry, as well as compact for easier use.

    Newer 3D pens also come with a range of features like:

    • Stroke-speed Controls
    • Temperature controls
    • An Ergonomic Design
    • Removable nozzles

    These features provide users with even more accuracy and controlled movements when designing their 3D figures. Look for these features when looking to purchase a 3D Pen and choose the one which ticks most of these.

  • Anti-Clogging mechanisms:

  • A common issue with the 3D Pen is clogging caused by excessive heating or by blocking of the hole at the end of the nozzle. Before buying a 3D Pen, it is important to look for a product that has a ceramic or disposable nozzle to prevent clogging and ensure the continuous flow of filament for seamless creation.

    In Conclusion,

    We hope this article has provided you with valuable information in order to make a more informed choice when it comes to purchasing a 3D pen. They come in different materials and features, so there is one out there for every budget and every purpose. We have also clearly outlined the factors you should consider before making the purchase, so that you don't end up with a 3D drawing pen that doesn't live up to your expectations.

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