Why should you buy a Lunatix 3D Pen?

Why should you buy a Lunatix 3D Pen?

Creativity should know no bounds. Art in general has seen some drastic changes over the years and it pay dividends to the fact that it is constantly transforming. The advancement and development of new fascinating creation tools have played a major role in the evolution of art from just paint on paper to more complex and diverse pieces. 

One such advancement is the Lunatix 3D Pen. This 3D pen for beginners as well as professional 3D pen artists has allowed a vast majority of people to create mesmerizing figures with ease and superior control, and has become an attractive hobby for it’s huge younger demographic. 

So what makes it so special? Well, let’s find out.

Stroke-speed Control for Precision

When creating your masterpiece, the details are what sets them apart. To achieve maximum accuracy, you need the tools you use to be equipped with state-of-the-art features like the Stroke-speed control feature of the Lunatix 3D Pen. This feature allows you to control the flow of plastic extruded by the pen with a slider, allowing you to go at your pace.

3D pensThis feature also saves you from accidental overflow of plastic, which can ruin your masterpiece as well as waste alot of valuable filament.

Dedicated Display Showing Important Information

The screen on the 3D Pen is an indirect safety feature as it displays the temperature of the plastic and allows the user to avoid overheating and overflowing of the plastic. Furthermore, this is also avoids the breakage of filament due to the plastic not being heated enough, which gives the user a continuous flow of plastic.

3D pen

This feature further proves the safety of the 3D pen for adults and children alike, preventing any unforeseen circumstances that may result in severe injuries. 


Improved Maintenance For Ease 

Plastic-Clogged nozzles are the biggest hurdle for any aspiring 3D Pen artist. They can be especially hard to clean if the nozzle is fixed to the pen. The Lunatix 3D Pen, however, has a removable nozzle which allows you to deeply clean and clear any blockages that may arise with extreme ease, keeping the flow of plastic uninterrupted at all times.

3D pens for beginners

To remove the nozzle, you simply have to unscrew it from the 3D pen and clean it by scraping the melted plastic off.

Lightweight, Ergonomic Design for Longer Usage

The pen boasts a durable & lightweight finish and imposes comfort upon the hands of it’s users. The shape of the pen allows for a higher amount of grip without causing any strains to the fingers of the user, allowing for hours of creation & improved control over your 3D drawing. 


Moreover, the pen exceeds expectations with a quality build and tactile buttons, all while being light and easy to carry when working on your projects. 

In Conclusion,

The Lunatix 3D Pen has a great deal of features that allow for safety and greater usability. It goes without saying that this tool can propel your progress in the world of 3D art when these features are used to their optimal performance.

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