The Lunatix Story

Art is a massive part of the Lunatix ideology, and we place artists on a pedestal. Our attempts to facilitate artists arise from our own passion for creating and admiring art, exploring expression of thoughts and ideas of all our artists regardless of their age, ethnicity, or skill-level.
Equipping the youth with tech-integrated tools and helping future creators get a head-start early on is one of our greatest achievements to date and something we take pride in.
With the same core beliefs as when we started out, Lunatix continues in its struggle to provide artists all over the world with a platform to explore and create.


A sleek & compact design accompanied by a powerful tool to help you create, with purpose-built features offering you greater control over what you do and an integrated LED screen that displays vital information of the product like the temperature of the plastic in the pen. Strokes from the pen are accurate and allow you to incorporate ambiguity and intent for breathtaking figures. The possibilities are endless with the Lunatix 3D Pen.

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